3 Things to understand before beginning dog training

Before you begin to train a pup we here at think it's important to understand how your dog thinks, and why he does what he does!Here are some basic things we have learned.

Three consequences of behaviorEvery time your dog does anything at all the outcome can be placed in one of three categories

Things get better for himThings get worse for himNothing changesDogs repeat actions that are rewarded
If the immediate consequence was a pleasant one,  that is sufficient to ‘reinforce’ the dog’s behavior so that it will be more likely to occur again in the future. Sambina the beagle has learned to bark for her dinner in just the same way.  She barks while dinner is being prepared, and immediately after barking, her dinner is placed on the floor for her.
Rewards can build bad habits as well as good ones You can see how bad habits can easily be formed with this kind of reinforcement, even though it is not in any way deliberate on the part of the owner. Reinforcement in behavior…
Great Ideas for Feline Owners!

Of course, everyone knows when you bring home a new kitten you need food, kitty litter, squeaky toys and a litter box. Here are a few items that we here at think are absolutely necessary for all cat owners that you don't always think about!

#1 We love to keep our pets and homes smelling great, and cats do not take nicely to baths you can keep your kitten smelling fresh all the time with this great smelling Kitty Cologne. Several scents to choose from and safe to use on all Pets! Check it out!

Fursions Designer Pet Colognes Cat Grooming Top Performance

#2 There is NOTHING more in the world that cats love more than catnip! Throw in a couple of balls, and a scratching puzzle and your feline friend will be in heaven!! The Sylvester's Interactive Cat Scratcher is a product is loved by cats and owners alike!!

Comes in Yellow and White!

#3 Lastly, your furry friend needs a quiet place to relax, and cats enjoy tunnels, this last produ…

3 tips for dealing with Pet Separation Anxiety

One of the hardest things about having a furry best friend is when you have to leave them alone. Especially in a one dog family. Here are a few tips I have learned to help your pup be happier when you have to leave them for a bit.

#1  Wear your buddy out.
 Even a brisk walk around the block helps. A tired Dog will just nap and patiently wait for your return. A Dog that is not properly exercised will be anxious, nervous, will bark all day, and be very unmanageable. It is understandable if you can't walk your Dog every day, most of us have full time jobs, and others have health issues preventing them from walking their Furry Friends. If you are having behavior problems with your dog and are unable to properly wear them out, we have some great Dog Treadmills at
#2  Act natural! Play it cool! Do not let your Dog know you are getting ready to leave! Hide all departure cues from your dog so that he or she can’t begin to associate them with your departure. Stick with yo…
The Amazing Curiosity of Puppies!

In training my newest member of my pack, Sir Jax; I am just amazed at the curiosity of our fur babies! Everything is so new and exciting to him. It's important to see the world through his eyes! So innocent, bold, unafraid and just CURIOUS about EVERYTHING!

The MOST important command you MUST teach your puppy is "Leave it". Make sure that when teaching this command, or any command, to be gentle with your puppy. They are young and want to please you. It is your  job to teach them how.

My first lesson in training was to drop a treat on the floor and tell my Pup to "Leave it". When they obey your command, then and only then, will you give them a DIFFERENT treat! Move up to placing more and more treats on the floor.

Here is a personal photo of my Beagle Sambina and myself learning this technique! Look at my Binas FACE!! HA!

I have finally have learned the importance of Puppy Proofing my house! Just as if you are Toddler Proofing, t…
My Dogs Favorite Dog Harnesses
On the market today there are so many options for Dog Harnesses! It can be overwhelming! What I look for in the harnesses we use are 
#1 Comfort for my Pup! I look for Choke Free Harnesses, or Non Pull Harnesses
Our Fur Babies have sensitive throats, and when young and not yet trained properly, they will pull on a leash and collar causing damage to the sensitive trachea.
#2 Durable and Long Lasting!
I have 3 Dogs in different stages of life. I am using my #1 Favorite Dog Harness by Doggie Design Choke Free Harness in Candy Pink for my newest boy, Sir Jax! Quite adorable, but they grow so fast he will be needing a bigger one soon enough!
#3 Reasonably Priced

For the same reason as above, if your a dog lover like me, you definatly have more than one Fur Baby! I need comfort and durability, not a big price tag, although some people can afford more fashionable harnesses, I always look for style, comfort, durability, and affordability!
Here are some more of …
Top 3 Puppy Potty Training Tips

As a new Mom to a Chocolate American Cocker Spaniel, his name is Sir Jax,  I know and understand that potty training a puppy can be a very challenging endeavor. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned on my journey, and a few fun potty training items to help along the way too!

First, and probably most important, get your puppy on a feeding schedule. Dogs love schedules! Make sure to feed your fur babies at the same time every day. Wait about 5 or 10 minutes after they eat or drink water and get them outside quickly!

Second, after nap time or waking up in the morning. Dogs are like humans in this respect. When we first wake up we usually have to go to the restroom, so do our dogs!! So, anytime your pup closes their eyes, even for 5 minutes, get them outside to take care of their business!

Finally, just watch your pup, when you see them sniffing around, that is a sure sign to get them outside. My Boy, Sir Jax, gets super grumpy when he has to …
Top 3 Dog Care Tips 
Have your dog checked by the vet regularly

Like us, as dogs grow older, they become more prone to health issues. It could be as simple as a toothache or as serious as a heart problem. The symptoms doesn't always show or it's too late when they do - that's why it's important to bring your pet to the vet regularly to have a general check up. Annual check ups should also cover dental care, health screenings, vaccinations, parasite control as well as recommended vaccinations.

Prevent your dog from getting parasites

The most common parasite that can affect your canine's health are fleas. When they're exposed to other dogs who has them, your pet can easily be plagued by the external parasite. Fleas can cause skin irritation, infection, hair loss, hot spots and more. If your pet swallows a flea, other parasites can easily be introduced to his body like a tapeworm. To help prevent both external and internal parasites, make sure that your dog and the en…